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I'm Leesha, Owner and Designer here at Little Green Leaf.
I'm best known as Wife to Dean, and a Mama to 2 Beautiful Boys, William (4yrs) and Fletcher (1yr). Dean and I were Married back in 2016 at the stunning Summergrove Estate. Now we live on the Sunny Gold Coast, QLD Australia.
Other times though, I'm the person on the other end of those lovely emails you send through, the person updating our Instagram Page and the person who physically Designs and Prints all your gorgeous Stationery and Signage.
Little Green Leaf is a small Mama run business, located on the sunny Gold Coast.
We specialise in Wedding & Event Stationery and Signage.
We also offer Corporate Design & Branding, although we are very particular in the work we take on for this.
Started by Me in 2012, when I was fresh out of design school, I focused on doing party invitations and business cards for family and friends. Since then, I have grown this business to accommodate for larger target markets, and have expanded my catalogue to specialise in what my clients want to see most.

There are so many businesses and creative individuals that produce Wedding & Event Stationery and Signage, so I like to stand out above the rest and provide not only top-quality products, but a one - on - one relationship with my clients. I pride myself on getting to know my clients and providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience, for the both of us.

I work closely with all my clients to ensure you are receiving the absolute best. Contact me today to chat about what I can do for you!

- Leesh, xx


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