Guest Books.

These beautiful guest books are a great way for your guests to interact with your big day! Forget the traditional books where people just sign to say they were there, these have fun questions, voting pages, drawing sections and so much more!

The instructions on how to properly use the book are on the first page (where you see an 'X', mark your name). The beauty of these books is your guests can choose which questions they want to fill out, they don't have to start at the front and work their way through, they can simply flick to whatever page takes their fancy!

These books are something you'll actually want to pull off the shelf and read!

They are 210mm x 210mm with a beautiful thick cover & back and divine 300gsm Linen insert pages, perfect for ballpoint pens or markers. They are bound with a white wire running down the left hand side, so they are SO easy for your guests to turn pages!

We currently have 2x Sizes, the first has 1-2 pages per question (perfect for your smaller wedding) and the second has 3-4 pages per question (better suited for a larger wedding).

Small Guest Book - $99
1-2 pages per question

Large Guest Book - $149
3-4 pages per question

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